Rules of Survival Now Supported by PUDDING PAY



*UPDATED – December 9th, 2020

Mobile game developer NetEase Games have recently introduced their brand new E-pin payment method called Pudding Pay to support their game top ups! As such the sale of Rules of Survival Diamond Redeem Code has been discontinued. However do not worry as we will be offering Pudding Pay for your gaming needs instead!

Games supported by Pudding Pay include:

  • Rules of Survival
  • MARVEL Super War
  • Marvel Duel
  • Identity V


Check below for a guide on how to get Pudding Pay at OffGamers:


So don’t delay, get your Pudding Pay from OffGamers by following the links below:

Rules of Survival (Mobile)

Netease Game Code
(Pudding Pay)
USD99.99 (Global)
Discount Promo
Netease Game Code
(Pudding Pay)
USD49.99 (Global)
Discount Promo
Netease Game Code
(Pudding Pay)
USD9.99 (Global)
Discount Promo
Netease Game Code
(Pudding Pay)
USD4.99 (Global)
Discount Promo
Netease Game Code
(Pudding Pay)
USD0.99 (Global)
Discount Promo


For more Information:
NetEase Games Official Homepage

Additional Websites:

Rules of Survival Diamond Redeem Code at OffGamers with discount of up to 10% for a limited time!



Rules of Survival has arrived in OffGamers!

Welcoming the arena of Rules of Survival in OffGamers, players who purchase Rules of Survival Diamond Redeem Code at OffGamers will enjoy a discount of up to 10%!!

Rules of Survival is a battle royale game where a player will be one out of 120 unarmed players who gets air dropped into a vast, deserted island. Scavenge for weapons, arm yourself to the teeth, use your wisdom and tactics, loot gear from those less fortunate. Only the last one survives.


Hurry while stocks last!

Rules of Survival Diamonds Code (Mobile)

Rules of Survival
Diamonds Code (Mobile)


For more information:
OffGamers Rules of Survival Diamonds Code (Mobile)


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