S4 League Lucky Week 3 Starts!

Hey, there eSper ~

This week, S4 League has a very special promotion for you and it will end on November 26! Every time you make a purchase in the Fumbi Alley category, you’ll get a chance to earn some rewards at the end of the week! Each item you purchase is a separate chance to win: Purchase more items and get ahead of the competition!

The rewards are as follows:

– 5 lucky esper gets a set of choice
– 25 lucky espers get Filler Packs of choice. A Filler Pack includes all the non-core items for a set
– 50 Reset Insurances that Fumbi will randomly send
– 3 Super, 3 Mega and 3 Ultra Pack of Choice
– 100.000 PEN
– 1.000.000 PEN
– Ultimate Pack
– Crazy Pack


Top up S4 League and get rewards now!


Aeria Games
GoCash Game Card
OpenBucks Card



For more information, please visit:
S4 League Official Site.

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