S4 League – Triple Overlap!

Three Loyalty Rewards programs are available NOW! 24h Triple Overlap!

Redeem 3x more rewards from 31st August to 1st September, 4:00 AM.

299 AP: G’s Summernight Stormbat Capsule x 3, G’s Watermelon Bomber Capsule x 3, G’s Death Scythe of Skeleton Capsule x 3, G’s SnowDrop Dual Magnum Capsule x 3, G’s Mingyu Capsule x 3…

799 AP: PEN Plus 100 (10 Hours) x 2, G’s Dead Pixel M Capsule x 4, G’s Sweet Pixel W Capsule x 4…

1499 AP: Diamond Pen Capsule x 3, G’s Rugby Boy Set Capsule x 5, G’s Boxing Girl Set Capsule x 5…

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S4 League Triple Overlap.

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