Sadako VR Lets You Play As Sadako From The Ring

The big showdown between The Ring and The Grudge is underway as the monster mashup movie, Sadako Vs Kayako, hits theaters in Japan on June 18th.

Twitter user Tatsunoru, after watching Sadako Vs Kayako thought to himself, what would it feel like to be Sadako, coming after victims of her curse. Based on this VR demo he created, it looks like being Sadako is not an easy task. Especially with all that hair in the way.

Currently, the Sadako VR demo is just a prototype. It remains to be seen whether Tasunoru will make an actual game out of it, or even release it to the public. At least, we’ll have the Sadako Vs Kayako trailer to remind us of the horrors these two monsters bring us.

Source: Twitter