Safety Tips for Gaming at Home


It’s been a couple of months since we’ve seen the world go into a suspended state due to the current pandemic. Important information has been shared across all available platforms in terms of how we combat the spread of the disease. Now, it is our turn to do our part in curbing the infection chain from being active. So, how can you, an active gamer can keep yourself safe in this crucial time? As gamers, we have certain habits that are probably unsafe given the current situation. So, here are a couple of tips tailored for gamers so that you can game safely


1. Wipe Down Your Controller or Mouse With Sanitizer/Soapy Water

Gaming peripherals are definitely the most used part of your gaming platform, be it a controller or a mouse. So, wipe them down with a couple of squirts of sanitizer and a cloth. This is to ensure that everyone who uses them at home won’t accidentally infect each other. You could also use soapy water and wipe it down, which will bring the same desired effect. You also might want to consider cleaning your keyboard as well. Do this every couple of days or when you feel its necessary.


2. Don’t Directly Touch Your Food When Snacking in Between Gaming

Sometimes, we tend to snack as we game, which might guilty pleasure to some. I mean, potato chips and gaming? That sounds like a great gaming session. However, it might not be a good idea now to use your hands directly and touch your food. Use forks or spoons, and if you’re feeling that not using your hands disrupts your mojo, use a glove. The goal is to reduce any possibility of an infection.


3. Avoid Touching Your Face

Studies have shown that we are particularly prone to touching our chins and the areas around the mouth, nose, and eyes. When it comes to a disease like the new coronavirus, COVID-19, that is a recipe for fast transmission. Let’s not forget this might be an instinctive reaction when playing games. So the next time you feel frustrated or just trying stretch, keep your hands far away from your face. I would recommend keeping a stress toy nearby if you’re feeling frustrated with one of your gaming sessions.


4. Remove Food From Takeout Containers and Put Them on Clean Plates

If your country is currently practicing some extent of lockdown, high chances are that you’re ordering takeout for your meals. If you are, you might want to remove the takeout food and place it on a clean plate. This is to reduce any chances of the virus to transmit from the bags or external containers to your food. Studies have shown that the COVID-19 virus has a certain lifespan on everyday material (cardboard, paper, tissue). You might want to opt-out on cutleries provided by the restaurant and use your own. If you’re using the provided cutleries, wash it down with soap and water.

And that’s it! Simple tips and habits to keep your gaming station clean and safe for everyone at home, and reducing the chance of an infection. Keep practicing social distancing and game on.