Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4


Deep Silver Volition has continued the story of this previous release Saint Raw: The Third in his fourth release that is Saints Row IV. This game is an open-world action adventurous game which can be played in Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and in PlayStation 3. The game was developed by Volition and Deep Silver has published this game. After its previous release at the year of 2011, it has released in August 2013. We have seen in the previous series that a player controls a street gang of Third Street Saints who has become the president in this series.

The game has brought many new features which have made it as quite different in open-world game. But, the game has used plenty of absurd weapons like before, customs and activities too. But it has changed the way of how a player interacts with the world. In this series you are no more an ordinary earth bounded mortal but you are a superhero where you are able to run from building to building very easily and you can also throw peoples with the power of your mind. You cannot say this game as challenging one but sometimes it is very funny to play with plenty of fun features and abilities that you would never imagine in this game.

Game Description

At the beginning of the game you will feel the same way you would feel in a parody full third person action game. In the first hour of the game you can see that the Saint’s boss who is amusingly customizable pushes the rising over-the-top foundation of an idolized street gang well past its limits in an immediate series of primary levels. The player will bring down a nuclear missile alone and become a president of the United States. You will battle against alien invasion who is directed by a British-for-no-reason warlord.

After that the player will get trapped in the city of Steelport by a Matrix-like recreation and then the game becomes an entirely different open-world game by introducing authentically cool superpowers. You will get the power of leaping and gliding anywhere which is hugely beneficial in the game as a player, with this power there is nowhere you cannot go on a whim. With amazing speeds you will be able to dash through the streets which will make a player feel like a glimpse of the Flash games.

The game is exceptional which gives the player the power of doling out abilities and to use the power at a steady pace. It will give you the feeling of having fun with new toys by torturing weak enemies. But, you may also get bored because you have so many alternatives which you can oppose your enemies very easily, it makes the game less challenging and often you may find yourself shattering or blasting your enemies too quickly and be done with the fight.

But unlike Saint Row 3 where a player gets regenerating health system, in Saint Row IV you will get enemies who drop health pickups from you, therefore as long as you can buy health points you will have a respectable pace of killing.

Even enemies those are available with superpowers quickly becomes easy target and all you have to do is getting out of the trouble by leaping. But it is only at that time when you have very limited health powers.


There are many such activities present in the game which will give you a good reason to play the game. The game has brought many ideas from the previous series but it has also brought some new and inventive ideas in every field starting from the field of absurd crime game to superpowers and also in the content of the story.

All of these inventions have made this game fantastically varied and made it as an affectionate video game. Each member of the Saint has given special Loyalty missions; the player will get lot of activities to do in the game starting from finding collectibles to extra challenges.

Among the new activities there are some challenges which are very fun to play is a riff on the old Fight Club challenges, Genki Bowl in which the player gets the chance to throw people, cars, and other Genki substances through balanced rings, and exceptional races through the replication’s virtual systems.


However even though the game has provided great super powers to the players but the game has also brought some great drawbacks. The first thing you may feel at the time of playing the game is that why you should you need gun upgrades when you can cast spells from your hands?

Why you should call your homies for backup in combat when you alone could flip tanks? The customizable cars are good as support, but while playing, you will understand that vehicles are slowing you down.

Another disadvantageous point about the game is that giving most powerful and game-transforming abilities at the beginning is a huge mistake because Steelport loses its sense of place immediately which leads the game to play from beginning to end without thinking about the world. It leads the player to literally jump over the game through the entire map of the game.


Playing Saint Row IV will make you feel like getting God-like power with its overpowered abilities and recycled maps. If you love being Neo from Matrix, this is the game for you definitely.

From start to finish of the game, you will find it hilarious and crazily fun. Every new features and powers given to the players makes it more convenient to play the game without the need of game trainers or game hacks. Even if sometimes the fights in the game falls into a rut, there are always something around the corner which keeps the player entertained. Like the previous series of the game, you can invite friends too for doing activities and missions in the game.



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