Santa needs your HELP on Seal Online!


Christmas Greetings,

The most magical night of the year is coming. Get ready and help Santa save Christmas in Shiltz.

Breaking news!

Santa’s sleigh has been attacked during his flying practice! The elf who piloted it and the gifts he was carrying has been lost and they cannot return in time for the big night. We need help finding the elf, retrieving the presents, and saving Christmas!

This is how you do it:

Visit the NPC Santa’s Little Helper. She will ask for your help to find the missing NPC Santa’s engineer. Once you find him, help him retrieve the gifts that fell from the sleigh. For your good behavior, he will compensate you with the item “Santa naughty or nice letter”. (Note: There is a catch. You probably won’t find the NPC twice in the same place). Return this item to NPC Santa’s Little Helper and get your Christmas rewards!

One of these will be under your tree:

– Card Collector’s Honorable Ticket X1
– Auto Hunting Potion GX1 (Untradeable) X1
– Dream Scope GX1 (Untradeable) X1
– Buff Slot Expansion GX1 (Untradeable) X1
– Winter Wonderland Ski Costume X1


*The winners will be those who have completed all the necessary quests before the end of the event.
*The event begins on December 21st and ends on January 18th.
*One account PER PLAYER.
*Multiple accounts will reduce your chances of winning.

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