Save $10 on Horizon Forbidden West by buying the PS4 version


Those who purchase Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation 4 will get access to a free upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version of the game, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said in September. As such, it appears that the PS4 version of the game is secretly the cheapest way to buy it, since the PS5 version costs $10 more.

One big caveat, of course, is that we only have the CEO’s words to go on. Meanwhile, the descriptions of the two versions of the game on Sony’s own storefront are a bit confusing. Sony is offering a PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West for $59.99, while the one listed for PS5 costs $69.99. Both products indicate that they are compatible with both platforms.

By pre-ordering the PS4 version — available by scrolling down to the pre-order boxes lower on the page — you’ll be able to access the PS5 upgrade, per Ryan’s promise last year. As The Verge points out, the listing on Sony’s website mentions that version working only on PS4, but a bullet point above the box implies that it works on the new console, too. This could mean that the PS4 version of the game will work on PS5 consoles in backward compatibility mode — i.e., not the PS5-upgraded and -optimized experience. This confusion extends to the information on Horizon Forbidden West’s FAQ page, which still says that “dual entitlement does not apply to the Standard and Special Editions,” where the phrase “dual entitlement” refers to buyers being able to access both the PS4 and PS5 versions. We’ve reached out to Sony for clarification.

Another curious issue: You’ll have to buy the digital version of this game on the Sony website or through the PlayStation app; it isn’t visible on the PS5’s own digital storefront, according to The Verge.

Sony’s whole approach to its upgrade paths for Horizon Forbidden West has been confusing. In September, Sony announced there was no upgrade path from PS4 to PS5, despite suggesting these would always be free. Days later, the company reversed course and decided that it could, after all, give players the upgrade for free. Future games, though — including March’s Gran Turismo 7 — will still have the $10 upgrade fee.



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