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Scaramouche, now known as The Wanderer, will finally become playable in Genshin Impact Version 3.3. He is set to be released on 7 Dec, so now is the perfect time to pre-farm his materials. Follow our guide to farm for Scaramouche/The Wanderer for easy levelling.

Farming Schedule

A fellow Redditor (credits to: u/RockyRuCpog) shared this useful farming schedule for all the Scarmouche/The Wanderer wanters out there. Newly released characters typically uses the materials dropped by the latest Weekly Boss, and Nahida is a good example (which is Scaramouche himself). We recommend using your resin to farm the weekly boss drops every Monday and focus on his talent books, Praxis, when they are available on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Farming Map for Rukkhashava mushrooms

Travelers can also make use of Hoyolab app’s Interactive map to easily find the Rukkhashava mushrooms. You can even mark them off the map as you go along. Do remember that the Rukkhashava mushrooms respawn after 2 days, so you can alternate between farming handguards in Inazuma and collecting mushrooms in Sumeru.

Boss Materials – Aeonblight Drake

The Aeonblight Drake is a world boss that is available throughout the week. You will need a total of 46 of the boss drops in order to ascend Scaramouch/The Wanderer to level 90. The boss will give 2-3 drops each time depending on your luck. Pro tip! Be sure to bring a bow-character. Taking down the cores at the wings will make the Aenblight Drake drop to the ground and lose its Elemental Resistance that it previously gathered.

*Please note that these are early datamined or leaked info on the playable Scaramouche/The Wanderer and may subject to further changes.

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