Score a Legendary Overwatch skin and other cosmetics in Mercy’s Recall Challenge

Blizzard’s latest Overwatch short story digs into the history of Dr. Angela Ziegler, better known to fans as Mercy, who finds herself working in a rundown aid camp on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt after the super-team’s collapse. Entitled Valkyrie, the tale makes a few references to Sojourn, the first new character revealed for Overwatch 2, and also features appearances by Soldier: 76 and Ana, who as usual are having a rough time of things as they pursue Gabriel “Reaper” Reyes and his followers.

At the end of the story is an image of Mercy dressed up in conventional doctor duds, which players can now acquire in Mercy’s Recall Challenge, a new in-game event. Winning three games in Quick Play, Competitive, or the Overwatch Arcade will earn you a new player icon. Six victories will net a pair of new sprays, and for nine you’ll take home the Dr. Ziegler legendary skin.


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