Sea Horizon 1.0 Officially Available Today – 10% Off on STEAM

Developed by 45 Studio, a turn-based, Card, Light Rogue game “Sea Horizon”, players can choose different characters, modes, combined with dice events full of fate variables, to explore the boundless world of the sea islands.

“Sea Horizon” STEAM and SWITCH dual platform today officially launched, STEAM platform launch the first week with a new 10% discount, and the game’s soundtrack contains more than 11 selected touching melodies in the game will also be recently revealed for sale.

New Chapter of Story and Multiplayer Adventure Mode

After five months of optimization and refinement, a number of new characters and a brand new story line have been added to the official release of Sea Horizon. Arthur, a new character who continues to fight against demons, will be on a journey to find his lost self; and Holistacia Dawndew, a ranger who is a lover of exotic monsters, will encounter a mysterious beast in his adventure. More exciting character stories, waiting for players to discover.

In the more difficult multiplayer adventure mode, the dark creature will lead a large army to invade the Dwarf Kingdom, and the kingdom will be thrown into turmoil and chaos. In the Stone Valley, the powerful “Ifrit” will fight against the adventurers who come to challenge them with lava and flames of fire.

Lucky Dice Make The Adventure Full of Variables

The game uses dice as a means of combat, and the dice on the equipment will determine the resources available each turn. The unique “dice roll” event will occur during the voyage, and the five dice will determine the multiplier effect players can obtain, which may lead to unexpectedly obtaining high-grade equipment or encountering an unprecedented elite battle, depending on the result of the random dice roll. Making the process of exploring the ocean, full of variables and more exciting.


Well-known Team Create Game Music Will Recently Released

The person behind the soundtrack and sound effects for “Sea Horizon” has a strong background, and it turns out to be Izumi Wu (known as Monster), the official music composer of《Sword and Fairy》! Three music masters who have been working in the field of music for several years, including Rizet Tseng and Cheng Shin Ning. With the theme of adventure at sea, the scenes range from clear skies to stormy seas with huge waves, as well as the cold windy, icy oceans, and with the change of scenes, the music also shows various changes. The game soundtrack of the same name will also be released soon.


Take advantage of the STEAM launch first week 10% off sale (10/20~10/26), get your discount tickets now, set your sails, and let’s break the waves!



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