Seal Online: Cyber Sale!

Seal Online: Cyber Sale!

Take advantage now as Seal Online having a Cyber Sale!

The Cyber Sale Include Week Boost, Extra Event, RPs Spent, Seal Blessing and Sale!

Week Boost

  • Exp: 100%
  • Drop: 200%


Extra Event
Upload a photo of the item you want to have the refinement DG on Seal Online Facebook Event comment and they will contact you to receive the rewards!

RPs Event

  • 1500 RPs > 5x Auto Hunting Potion GX5(Untradeable)(Cash)
  • 18000 RPs > 3x Gear Growth Box + 600 Golden Sock Bait
  • 32000 RPs > 5x Fixed Stone Ticket + Blessed Diamond
  • 42000 RPs > 2x Vulcanus Special Toolbox +1x”12 Refinement Ticket”+ 6x Water Drop Diamond (10M)
  • 84000 RPs > You will get all the previous rewards one more time


Additionally there are Seal Blessing, Sale and Limited Sale!

The sale last from Oct 14 – Oct 20, 2022
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Cherry Credits


Razer Gold







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