Seal Online: Top-up & Rps spent!

Seal Online: Top-up & Rps spent!

Flash Sale is here, lets give a big cheer! Let’s start November with full energy!

Week Boost

  • Exp: 100%
  • Drop: 200%


Available from Nov 4 – Nov 10, 2022

Top Up
Receive rewards by Top Up!

Step 1: Recharge RPS – choose the amount of RP’s that you would like to charge to participate and receive the rewards for this promotion (2500 RPs,5000 RPs , 10,000 RPs or 20,000 RPs+)
Step 2: Buy any item in IM.

2500 RPs: 2x Vulcanus Spring
Provides up to 3 additional random options to the selected accessory. Can be used on accessories for stats Grade N ~ XG.

5000 RPs: 1x Marco’s Mistake (Special) + 3 x Gear Growth Box
By using this item on an already appraised weapon, accessory or armor, it will maintain current stats but change their values randomly. Gear Growth box, contains valuable rewards.

10000 RPs: 1x Blessed Sapphire (Tradeable) + 3 Ethod’s .EX Costume Box + 1x Wagon Escort Guarder Box (30 days)
Use the blessed sapphire to refine your equipment, you can use it as: Blessed Ruby, Blessed Diamond or Blessed Pink Diamond. Best part of it, is that it is tradeable! Use it wisely.

Available from Nov 4 – Nov 8, 2022

RPs Event
1 RPs > 3x Auto Hunting Potion GX5(Untradeable)
3500 RPs > Golden Chest Key x2
9000 RPs > 3x Gear Growth Box + 600 Golden Sock Bait + 1x Blessed Diamond
25000 Rps > 3x Fixed Stone Ticket + 20x Rascal Rabbit Balloon
39000 Rps > 3x Water Drop Diamond (10M) + 2x Vulcanus Special Toolbox + 1x “12 Refinement Ticket”

Available from Nov 4 – Nov 8, 2022

Additionally there are Wish Event – Raffle, Seal Blessing, Sale and Limited Sale!

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