Sean Bean Has A Bounty On His Head In Hitman 2

Developer IO Interactive announced that Sean Bean is the the game’s first Elusive Target, where the actor will appear as Mark Faba, a former MI5 agent turned freelance assassin who’s also known as “The Undying,” due to his reputation for faking his own death. Elusive Target is the game’s high-stakes contracts which are only available for a limited time and players will be rewarded with an exclusive weapon to use throughout Hitman 2 if the target is successfully terminated.

Prepare to experience the ultimate spy thriller story as Agent 47 sets out on a mission to eliminate the elusive Shadow Client and unravel his militia, but when 47 learns his target’s true identity and the truth about his past, it changes everything.

Hitman 2 will launch on November 20, 2018 and will be available to platforms such as PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.