Season 12 Update Starts Today on KartRider Rush+

Nexon revealed the buccaneer-themed Season 12 update for its hit mobile racing game, KartRider Rush+. In the game’s twelfth update, “Pirate,” racers are introduced to brand new tracks, karts and characters, now available for download.

Starting today players can compete on tracks such as “Shark Island” featuring a winding sand beach and “Perilous Pier” with numerous unpredictable obstacles that require players to have quick reflexes. More tracks are expected to release later during the new season.

Racers can also jump into new rides including legendary graded speed kart “Ranger Gold,” “Jolly Roadster,” “Wave Breaker” and more. Legendary characters “Mobi” the little pirate and Lodumani’s first mate “Toto,” will also be released and updated throughout the season.

A new system called “Delivery Dash,” will challenge three random players at the beginning of ranked races to earn rewards based on available missions. Plus, the brand-new “Overclock” system will, for the first time, allow players to strengthen their kart stats.

In celebration of the “Pirate” season update, a special, limited season event will be open for players to obtain “Buccaneer Coin” and other rewards until April 10. “Buccaneer Coin” can be exchanged for many items such as “Ocean Wave Driftmoji” and “Sea Flower Aura” at the “Mystery Shop.” Once players earn all rewards available, they will receive ”Sailing Frame” as a final reward.

In addition, players who participate in ranked or multiplayer races between Sunday, March 20 to Thursday, March 24, can unlock “Mobi” the little pirate. The “Ranger Gold Key” will also be given as a daily login gift for players that can be used to obtain the new kart, “Ranger Gold.”

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