Severed For PlayStation Vita Will Launch On April 26

PlayStation Vita faithful rejoice! Severed, the next title from the developers of Guacamelee and Mutant Blobs Attack has a release date and is coming on April 26.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog, gamers can finally get their hands on developer Drinkbox Studios’ first-person dungeon crawling RPG come April 26.

In Severed, you play as Sasha, a warrior who finds herself in a surreal fantasy, missing her family and an arm in a place filled with monsters. It’s up to her to fight all the monsters and find her family members back.

Originally slated for a Spring 2015 release, Severed officially launches to PlayStation Vita this year on April 26 after a delay to allow Drinkbox Studios to continue polishing up the game. Developed by the studio that made Mutant Blobs and the critically acclaimed Guacamelee, Severed looks to continue Drinkbox’s tradition of releasing another hit for the PlayStation Vita.

Severed will come to PlayStation Vita on April 26, 2016. If you need PSN Codes to top-up your wallet, pick some up at OffGamers and receive your codes instantaneously!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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