Sexy Three Kingdoms Lucky August – Win all you want!


News Date: 1st August 2014

News Info:

Greetings from Carolgames! To show our gratitude for all the supports from every Sexy Three Kingdoms players, Carolgames have decided to bring you all some very special events filled with amazing prizes and 100% winning chances!

Event 1: Wheel of Fortune
Event Period: 1 August 00:00 till 3 August 23:59

During event period, all players will be given 5 free chances to spin the “Wheel of Fortune” everyday! You can increase your spin chances by spending Gold anywhere in game! Every time you spend 50 Gold, you will get 1 spin chance. Spin chances does not have limit.

– Unused spin chances can be accumulated for the next day.
– Spin chances that is unused during event, will expire after event period is over.



Event 2: New Recharge Method “OffGamers”
Event Period: 1 August 00:00 till 7 August 23:59

To provide a more enjoyable gaming experience for our players, we have added a new Recharge method “OffGamers”. Working alongside OffGamers, we decided to hold a special separate event, as follows:

– Recharge any amount of Gold via OffGamers, get a Special OffGamers Cloud Mount (30 days)
– Recharge up to 1000 Gold via OffGamers, get a Special OffGamers Cloud Mount (No Expiration Date)
– Recharge up to 4000 Gold via OffGamers, get a White Dragon Horse Mount
– Recharge up to 10000 Gold via OffGamers, get a Frostflame White Dragon Horse Mount
– Recharge up to 30000 Gold via OffGamers, and you can choose between 2 very special Mount: Kirin or Red Hare
– Every Recharge transaction via OffGamers with an amount of at least 300 Gold, will be eligible to participate in our lucky draw. We have prepared 1 very cute Moose Mount for our lucky winner.

PS: All prizes will be distributed within 3 days after event period is over.

Event 3: Like and Share “Sexy Three Kingdoms” Facebook Fanpage
Event Period: Till 7 August 23:59

With all the support from Sexy Three Kingdoms players, our Facebook Fanpage has reached 1900 Likes. Please help us to get more Likes by sharing our Fanpage, or by personally Liking our Fanpage. And as our gratitude, Carolgames will give out 100 bonus Energy for all players on all servers if our Fanpage’s Like reached 2400.

For more information, please visit: Sexy Three Kingdoms Official Site.

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