Sexy Three Kingdoms SEA – Crazy Christmas Deals!

Hello beloved STK players!

Sexy Three Kingdoms Operational family wishes you all, a merry merry Christmas!

For this Christmas, Sexy Three Kingdoms has prepared a series of special events for all of you! Up to 300% Bonus Gold! Let’s hope that the best is yet to come in 2018!

Top up Sexy Three Kingdoms Gold now!


Sexy Three Kingdoms


See the events description below~

【Event 1】Bonus 100% Gold!

Event Time (GMT+8): December 22nd 00:00 – December 25th 23:59
Event Time (EST): December 21st 00:00 PM – December 25th 00:00 PM
During the event period, all Recharge will automatically give you 100% more Gold! (The amount displayed on Recharge page already includes 100% bonus)

【Event 2】Great Gold Return

Event Time(GMT+8): December 22nd 00:00 – December 25th 23:59
Event Time(EST): December 21st 00:00 AM – December 25th 11:59 PM
During the event period, all your Recharge will be accumulated, once your Recharge reaches 33,600 Gold(Only around $140 USD with bonus from Event 1!) you will get 200% Bonus Gold!
Only with $140 USD you will get 100,800 Gold!
Also, you may collect the rewards from the event panel according to your accumulated Recharge amount.

【Event 3】Login Event

Event Time(GMT+8): December 22nd 00:00 – January 5th 23:59
Event Time(EST): December 22nd 00:00 AM – January 5th 11:59 PM
During the event period, login everyday to get special rewards which will be sent to your mail after the event ends.
Login 3 days: 100 Gold, 1000 Energy
Login 7 days: 300 Gold, 5000 Energy
Login 14 days: 750 Gold, 10000 Energy, 1x Snowman Following Card, 25x Empyrean Stone, 2000x Chakra

Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


For more information, please visit:
Sexy Three Kingdoms Crazy Christmas Deals.

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