Shaiya Children of Etain: Runaway Rudolph for Christmas

Hello, Children of Etain!

Shaiya version is now live! There’s a Game Update: Etain’s Great Winter Hunt

· Winter is coming and “Runaway Rudolph” is in town. He’s currently residing on Keolloseu, Gliter and Bootlegery.
· Runaway Rudolph sells “Santa’s Secret Box” for 100,000 gold each.
· Players may craft Christmas Exclusive items using Santa’s Secret Box and event exclusive materials.
· Item materials for crafting Christmas items can be found on Proelium Frontier, Cantabilian, D-Water Borderland, Deep Desert 1 and 2 monsters.
· Crafting chances are different per item. A failed attempt will give the player an “Etain Potion”.

List of craftable items:

· Ativ Remedy
· Holiday Party Helmet (Light)
· Holiday Party Helmet (Fury)
· Christmas Reindeer (30 Days)
· Snowboard (30 Days)
· Santa’s Ring Lv1
· Santa’s Ring Lv2
· Santa’s Helmet (Light) (30 Days)
· Santa’s Helmet (Light) (30 Days)
· Elf Helmet (Light) (30 Days)
· Elf Helmet (Fury) (30 Days)
· Christmas Reindeer (Fast) (30 Days)
· Snowboard (Fast) (30 Days)
· Santa’s Ring Lv3
· Santa’s Ring Lv4

Item Mall Update:

· Added Name Change Card
· Added 6 Cloaks
· Wild Board Cloak
· Interlaced Cloak
· Ceremonial Cloak
· Thorns Cloak
· Elderly Cloak
· Prayer Cloak


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