Shop Keeping RPG Floating Islands of Nucifera Coming to Steam



Looking for a game about shop keeping? Odooh Games’ has announced their fantasy shop keeping RPG Floating Islands of Nucifera is coming to Steam on the 21st of July. Check out the game’s announcement trailer below:



Floating Islands of Nucifera is an open world shopkeeping game set in an abandoned world in the sky. Adventure across the fantasy world of Nucifera in your airship, summon powerful creatures to your side to aid in dangerous turn-based combat, and loot treasures to help pay off your family’s debt.

Take full control of your shop’s inventory! Decide which of Nucifera’s weapons, armors, jewelry, potions, and more you’ll stock your shelves with, and what cost you’ll price them at. Decide your shop’s layout! Arrange the shelves and items in your store in whichever way you want, to maximize your profits.

But it’s not all shop keeping, you can also complete quests in an open world. Completing quests in certain provinces will unlock that specific areas unique customers for your shop, new floating islands, and even dungeon keys. Exploring dungeons could help you unlock familiars to do battle with.

Floating Islands of Nucifera will release on Steam on the 21st of July. Get the game when it comes out with our Steam wallet codes below:

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