Skater XL Drops a New Brands Trailer

All Skater XL Early Access purchasers will receive the newest 1.0 content update for free.

The new trailer showcasing the hundreds of ways that players can customize their character’s gender, skin tone and hairstyle, in addition to playing with pros Evan Smith, Tiago Lemos, Brandon Westgate and Tom Asta. Furthermore, Skater XL has partnered up with skateboarding’s best brands, and players will have access to real product from 27 different brands into the character customizer. The customizer also includes new clothing items including crewneck sweatshirts, long sleeve button ups, shorts, denim pants, new hat styles, and shoe models. Not to mention that players will have the ability to customize every part of their skateboard setup including deck, trucks, wheels, and griptape. Skater XL 1.0 will be launching on July 7 for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.