SMITE: Skadi, Goddess of Winter

Hey guys!

Introducing a new Goddess, Skadi, Goddess of Winter.



It has been a very good 2 years since SMITE’s official release. To thank everyone for supporting SMITE and had an amazing fun playing, SMITE will be doing a promotion.

From March 22nd till March 28th, The Ultimate God Pack will be 50% off for the first time! The Ultimate God Pack not only unlocks all past gods but also unlocks any future gods. In addition this week, all Gems will be 33% off and the Playstation 4 Founders Pack will be 50% off! Finally, players will receive double login bonuses ALL week long!

Beginning tomorrow (March 22nd), SMITE’s official Birthday, players can look forward to the following events:

Tuesday 3/22 3x Worshipers

Wednesday 3/23 Double FWOTD Bonus

Thursday 3/24 – Icon Sale 50% Off

Friday 3/25 – 1 FWOTD Cutesy Thor Icon

Saturday 3/26 2x Everything

Sunday 3/273 FWOTD SMITE Chest Roll

Monday 3/28 – Voice Pack Sale 50% Off

For more information, click the link below:

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