Snag Bonus UC in PUBG Mobile for Every Razer Gold Top Up on Midas Buy!

PUBG Mobile

Ready to score extra UC in PUBG Mobile? Now’s your chance with the Razer Gold Fortune Pack Promotion on Midas Buy! For the whole month of December 2023, score bonus UC when you do Razer Gold top up Wallet from Midas Buy.

How It Works

Top up a minimum of 60 UC using Razer Gold and enjoy additional bonuses! Each 60 UC top-up comes with a sweet 60 UC bonus. Craving more? Top up 300 UC and bag a whopping 240 UC bonus!

Here’s the complete list of bonuses you can get from each top-up:

Nominal UCBonus UC
60 UC+60 UC
300 UC+240 UC
600 UC+300 UC
1,500 UC+900 UC
3,000 UC+1,500 UC
6,000 UC+3,000 UC
12,000 UC+6,000 UC
18,000 UC or more1 UC Fortune Pack (Random gift from 1200 – 6000 UC)

With a total accumulated top-up of 90,000 UC, you’re able to grab an extra 12,000 UC and an exclusive 13 UC Fortune Pack!

Why Razer Gold Top Up?

When you choose Razer Gold, the more you spend, the more rewards you will get. Every Razer Gold transaction earns you Razer Silver points, ready to be exchanged for top-tier Razer hardware, gift cards, games, and more. Plus, with a Razer Gold gift card, you’ll get access to exclusive deals, giveaways, and in-game items not found anywhere else.

Who’s In?

This global promo caters to players in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States. PUBG Mobile enthusiasts, this one’s for you!

Don’t miss out on the PUBG Mobile Fortune Pack Promotion in December 2023! Top up your UC with Razer Gold on Midas Buy now and secure those bonus UC for an unbeatable gaming experience.

To sweeten the deal, even after the promotion ends, you can always top up Razer Gold from OffGamers. 

Your gaming journey starts with Razer Gold – where every top-up opens the door to a world of rewards!

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