Snoop Dogg Joins Call of Duty: Warzone, Vanguard, and Mobile as a Playable Operator

Source: Image via Call of Duty

Snoop Dogg will soon join Call of Duty: Warzone, Vanguard, and Mobile as a playable operator.

All the details on Snoop’s arrival come by the way of a Call of Duty blog, where it confirms the first chance to play as the legendary rapper and entrepreneur will be in Season 3 of Call of Duty: Mobile through a special Lucky Draw on April 1, 2022.

This Lucky Draw version of Snoop has him “decked out head-to-toe in a 24K gold embroidered outfit” and includes a “new signature weapon based on a fast-firing Legendary SMG that’s gold-plated and diamond-encrusted.” Oh, and the weapon’s death animation has been compared to the “lights of a mini-concert” that gets “even flashier” when you kill more people.

On April 19 (yes, just one day before 4/20), the Snoop Dogg Operator Bundle will become available in Warzone and Vanguard. This bundle, which is different from the Mobile bundle, includes ten items – three of which are exclusive to Vanguard – and a full Operator progression track. These items include Weapon XP for Snoop’s weapon, three alternate outfits, and other cosmetic items.

There are still more details to come for this Snoop Dogg Operator Bundle, and all is promised to be revealed before April 19.

“The D O Double G is back in Call of Duty and this time I’m in the freakin’ game! Excited to be working with the COD team to bring some fly features for you all to enjoy,” Snoop said. “It’s dope….. y’all can play as me and get these sick items that have Snoop written all over them. Check it out.”

This isn’t the first time Snoop Dogg has been part of the Call of Duty universe, as he was the star of Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC that let you swap out the normal multiplayer announcer for Snoop.




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