Sony Skipping E3 2019: Good Call or Bad?

Sony was absent at E3 2019. This massive entity in the video game industry decided to stay home while the rest of the community was fixated on this massive press conference. 



Major video game companies like Sony and Activision decided to hold off on attending E3 2019. There has been no word on if this will turn into a trend. However, the question remains if Sony made a good business decision or if this is will prove detrimental in maintaining its massive market share. Sony is a leader in the market at this point. Couple this fact with the expense of attending E3 along with the countless and more affordable marketing alternatives, Sony may never return. With Sony’s current position as a leader, E3 or not, this powerhouse will be able to avoid the press conference without any negative impact on business. 

Sony Isn’t Scared – Console Wars Won

Since Microsoft and Sony began making consoles and releasing them nearly simultaneously, a console war heated up. Xbox 360 overtook the PlayStation 3 but that success didn’t last once the new consoles dropped in November of 2013. Sony’s console was the front runner and Microsoft was never quite able to catch up. 

According to VGChartz, Sony’s PlayStation 4 continues to outsell Xbox One and did so since the very beginning.



Sony holds a massive lead over the other Big 2, Nintendo’s Switch and Microsoft’s Xbox One. Sony’s exclusives have also been received exceptionally well by the video game community. Missing E3 2019 will not have the impact needed to dethrone Sony. 

E3 2019 Comes With a Bill

Beyond just being an industry leader, the cost of attending E3 cannot be ignored. A large booth can cost around $6,600 per day, and that’s the low end according to Booth space is only a small part of the total expense. For example, a pre-cut 10ft x 10ft section of carpet costs $191 and a single plastic chair can cost upwards of $60. Conferences like E3 have complete control over what exhibitors pay when buying furniture and utilities at the conferences. Electricity, essential for a video game conference, will cost businesses $118 per day for a 10 Amp/1000Watts setup. 

Having a booth and the electricity to run an event is still only part of the battle. The plane tickets for company representatives, hotel rooms for staff, and the costs of shipping all that equipment to an event location can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention all the marketing spend that goes into promoting an appearance at E3, conventions like E3 2019 come with a hefty bill. A company like Sony, with the massive control of its position within the video game industry, has the option to avoid these expenses. Sony can use the money they save on not attending E3 to put toward other marketing campaigns. They can develop new exclusive games, or use that money on countless other opportunities to drive their business forward.

Companies like Sony have a monumental audience. To make announcements, reveal new tech or games, or to just keep the public informed about new developments, they have a near infinite amount of more affordable alternatives. Sony can host a stream, release a YouTube video, drop a Tweet or a press release, and get the gaming industry buzzing with hype. It doesn’t take an industry event like E3 for Sony to make an announcement to the gaming community.

E3 2019 may have felt a little empty without industry giant Sony making an appearance. Over the past few E3 conferences, Sony had one of the most highly anticipated press releases. PlayStation 4 exclusives, new advancements to PS4 technology, and exciting company developments all flowed out of Sony’s E3 press conferences. In 2019, the community didn’t have that same luxury. Even though the conference and the community suffered, this will not have an impact on Sony’s position in the market. The company has done more than enough to secure their title as a leader in gaming. As the new consoles are nearing release, Sony must proceed carefully if they wish to retain their market share. Only time will truly tell if the company can do this without maintaining a presence at one of the largest video game press conferences in the world.


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