Space Engineers Warfare 2: “Broadside” DLC is Available on Steam & Xbox!

Space Engineers Warfare 2: Broadside delivers new blocks, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and a reimagining of warfare in Space Engineers. Ship battles will never be the same!

Guided by community feedback, Warfare 2: Broadside expands and improves vehicle combat in Space Engineers. Your creations, machinations, mods, stories and visions of the world of Space Engineers helped drive vision of war. Today, we deliver one our biggest updates ever!

Warfare 2: Broadside offers new ways to engage with the world of Space Engineers, both on planets and in space. Defending against pirates, assaulting a freighter, lunar tank battles, or a breakneck dogfight through the canyons of Pertram, we believe this update will change the way you play.

This update features a comprehensive overhaul of vehicle, base, and grid combat. Several of big changes went into making Space Engineers combat more rewarding, consistent, and compelling.

These changes include the all new “Target Lock” system, weather improvements, armor penetration mechanics, beacons as jump targets and of course, ammo and tank detonations. Now, planning the location of hydrogen stores or ammo stockpiles is more important than ever before. A carefully placed shot could cripple your vessel so plan accordingly!



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