Special Force 2 Arms Dealer is back up!


To give you a treat, the 11.11 SALE is still on! In addition, you can also purchase the following weapons:

▪️ FAMAS Gold

▪️ TRG Iron Gun

▪️ Inferno Package


Grab this good opportunity! Top up Special Force 2 now!


@Cash Singapore
@Cash Malaysia
Level Up !
Multi Game Card



▪️ K2 OpenDot Silencer InfernoFx

▪️ K14 InfernoFX

▪️ MG4 EOTech InfernoFX

▪️ Bizon EOtech Silencer Circuit FX Package

▪️ MG4 Eotech Circuit FX Package


For more information, please visit:
Special Force 2 Official Site.

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