Special Force 2 – July 2020 Events


Attendance Rewards

Complete the following tasks for the day and have a chance to get a permanent weapon.

Daily Task: 20 headshot in Flower Bed Map, 15 assists in Green House Map, Open 10 pcs ANY Gacha capsule


V Letter Mission

Event Date: July 5 to 11, 2020

Complete the Letter missions and get the following rewards to get Permanent P90 Opendot Laser Rainbow FX and 10 pcs Medal Part A.

Mission: Just Obtain a total of 150 Headshot in Submarine Map


Zombie PVP Rewards

Just complete a game in Zombie PVP Mode and get a Virus FX Capsule. If you win the match get additional 5 pcs Virus FX Capsule, The game room should have at least 6 players playing and is NOT an AI or Training mode.


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Multi Game Card



How to Recharge via MGCClick HERE.

Where to Buy Multi Game CardClick HERE.


For more information, please visit:
Special Force 2 Official Site.

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