Spike Chunsoft and TooKyo Games New Project: Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE

The creative team behind Danganronpa series is back with a new project. With Spike Chunsoft and TooKyo Games developing together the new dark fantasy mystery game Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE, as announced officially.

The main developer of the game is Spike Chunsoft while co-developed by TooKyo Games, scenario by Kazutaka Kodaka, music by Masafumi Takada and design by Rui Komatsuzaki. There isn’t much details announced yet including the release date, platform and price.

As there’s not much revealed, we can only guess from what’s shown in the teaser. As the boy wanders around a neon city, mystery events found him, including a Death-like girl with a scythe, floating ghosts, and a whole room filled with deceased people. Should you explore the city and solve the mysteries behind murders or there’s more from it?

Even though there’s not much details for now, but as Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE shares the same creative team as Danganronpa, the expectation and excitement is high up.

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