Spy x Family Part 2 Set To Release In October

Adroable Anya is set to return soon in October 2002. The official account of Spy x Family has made an announcement on the both Japanese and English accounts on Twitter recently!




In the trailer for Part 2, it revealed that the Inusan Crisis Arc will be a pivotal plot point for Part 2. Bond, the loyal white furry friend and bomb terrorist Keith Kepler were also seen in the trailer. In Part 2, Keith will be voiced by Hiroki Takahashi, who is also a voice actor for Jounouchi or Joey in the Japanese edition of Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters and Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter in 1999.

Spy x Family is all about the story of Loid Forger, a spy who needs to build a fake family for the mission. In his jouney of building fake family, he met Yor and Anya, then they build the fake family together eventually. The trio isn’t as it seems as Yor is an undercover assassin while Anya is a mind reader.

Loid and Yor aren’t aware of each other’s true identities, however, Anya is aware of her parents’ secret – thanks to her telepathic abilities – and keeps it a secret. The show focuses on the misunderstandings and daily hardships that come with being a parent.


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