Star Wars Battlefront II Adds New Planet, Modes, and Reinforcement

Star Wars Battlefront II launches the ‘Cooperation Update’ where the Clone Commando are deployed on the vibrant surface of Felucia this coming September 25.

The fungal-covered planet Felucia is now a playable location in Capital Supremacy’s large-scale tug of war, in the new PVE modes Instant Action and Co-Op. Clone Commandos were elite operatives deployed by the Galactic Republic in high-profile missions across the galaxy. In Star Wars Battlefront II, Clone Commandos wield the DC-17m Repeating Blaster Rifle with an Anti-Armor Attachment, providing a lethal flexibility to engage both light and heavy targets.

star wars battlefront 2 clone commando

With this update, Instant Action also enables players to jump into offline, large-scale combat against AI foes in scuffles to control a majority of the command posts across the map. Furthermore in Co-Op mode, players can team up with three other players to contest objectives while taking on the AI enemies together.