Start a drumming festival in TAIKO NO TATSUJIN: Rhythm Festival today!

Start a drumming festival in TAIKO NO TATSUJIN: Rhythm Festival today!

Travel through the Omiko City with DON-chan and his new friend Kumo-kyun in an amazing musical festival, alone or with friends! Learn the Story of Omiko City and strive to become a Taiko master with DON-chan and Kumo-kyun!

Enjoy the classic Taiko Mode with all of your favorite songs! From Easy to Extreme difficulties and up to 76 songs in the collection. Not enough? Subscribe to the Taiko Music Pass and get access to more than 500 songs!

Become a Taiko master by improving your drumming skills in Taiko Play where you can replay sections of songs as many times as you’d like. Hone you skill and go Online, where you can battle players from all over the world. Conquer the music rank and reach the top of the world.

Don’t forget to relax and have fun in Party Mode where you can form a “Don-chan Band” with up to four players. Perform the best live show of all or battle each other with your own deck of toys in “Great Drum Toy War”.

You can also get “Don Coins” from various modes. Spend Don Coins on various costumes and name plates to customize you very own Don-chan!

The base game cost $49.99 in Nintendo eShop. Get your funds from OffGamers and start drumming today!




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