Stay at Home Christmas: 5 Apps from Google Store to Chill From Home

Stay at Home Christmas: 5 Apps from Google Store to Chill From Home


Christmas has togetherness written all over it and sadly in the current climate, many of us might not be able to gather and celebrate this auspicious occasion together.

Luckily, despite the disconnection, we are still able to connect with our loved ones through the marvels of technology.

Hence, if you’re spending your Christmas alone you’d probably want something to brighten your Christmas night.

We’ve got you! Here are some of the mobile apps that you can download from the Google Store that can accompany you through Christmas.


Paprika Recipe Manager 3 Christmas App to Chill


1. Paprika Recipe Manager 3


Turkey, roast potatoes and brownies. These are but a few delicacies that Christmas offers and they can all be done easily through the Paprika app!

The Paprika app is extremely convenient and is user friendly for both beginners and seasoned cooks.

For beginners, Paprika has detailed recipe steps designed to hold the cooks’ hands throughout the entire cooking process. Plus, the app also helps in your grocery planning which might be a daunting task for new cooks.

As for experts, Paprika can also come in handy for management purposes. Paprika allows its users to manage their recipes by categorising them.

This is very useful for cooks that have a lot of recipes saved and they can easily access them through the app.


Kindle Christmas App to Chill


2. Kindle


Leaning towards more of a calm and chill Christmas? Reading near a fireplace during Christmas with a cup of hot chocolate beside you is totally the chill vibe we see many bookworms will go for.

Take your pick from the classics to international bestsellers through Kindle where you can personalise your reading environment exactly the way you want it.

For instance, if you prefer the text to be of a certain size or font, this can all be modified through Kindle.

Therefore, if your shelf is full of books and you would like to store more books, Kindle is the app for you and will certainly prove to be a good reading partner for you during Christmas.


ElfYourself Christmas App to Chill


3. ElfYourself


Have you ever imagined yourself as a Christmas elf? Better yet, have you imagined you and your loved ones jumping around as elves?

ElfYourself is a good-fun app that allows you to create humorous videos of dancing elves with your face on them.

The app also has many dance routine options which you can use to customise your videos but to unlock them all you would require some in-app purchases.

That said, if your creative mind is calling out to you this Christmas, give ElfYourself a go and you might surprise your family and friends with your audaciously funny elf-dancing video!


Spotify Christmas App to Chill


4. Spotify


Spotify needs no introduction due to its popularity but still, Spotify is exceptionally awesome for Christmas due to its quality playlists from both the community and Spotify themselves.

As such, Spotify users can expect a multitude of Christmas playlists that cater to different tastes as most playlists are faithful to their own genre.

Is jazz your cup of tea this Christmas? Spotify would have a playlist with Dean Martin and Michael Buble tracks in it.

Feeling mainstream and is pop the genre for you? Spotify’s got you covered with Christmas classics from Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera in a single playlist!


Discord Christmas App to Chill


5. Discord


For most gamers, Christmas is still an occasion where they play their favourite video games and we respect that!

But maybe for Christmas, we would want to play more multiplayer games with our loved ones like Among Us and Overcooked for the sake of living up to the Christmas spirit.

To help you with that, you would want the ever-useful Discord app to help you bridge communications between your gamer friends worldwide.

Plus, Discord offers a lot more than just a VoIP tool as Discord can also be used as a streaming platform and a place to chill and hang out with like-minded folks during Christmas.


All of these apps can be installed or bought from the Google Play Store. Hence, if you need to top up your Google Store balance, you can easily purchase some Google Play Gift Cards here with OffGamers!