Steam Next Fest is on NOW

Duration:June 16 – June 22 10: 00AM (PT)

Steam Next Fest is here! Next Fest is a multi-day celebration of upcoming games where you can Play What’s Next from first-time and veteran developers alike. Today through June 22 @ 10am PT, we’re showcasing over 700 demos for the newest upcoming games across every genre from teams all over the world!

You’ll have the opportunity to try these unreleased games for free throughout Next Fest – no expo halls, no queues. Join Steam Next Fest today to catch live show to kick off the event!



活动时间:6月 16日 – 6月 22日 10: 00AM(PT)

Steam 新品节隆重开幕! Steam 新品节这一多日庆典为即将推出的游戏而打造,您可以在“畅玩下一款新游戏”中体验来自新老开发者的游戏。即日起至6月22日上午10时(PT),Steam会展示超过700款试用版,让大家畅享来自全世界开发团队即将推出的最新游戏,所有类型应有尽有!

在整个新品节中,没有展厅,无需排队,您就有机会免费畅玩这些未发行的游戏。赶紧加入Steam 新品节,体验海量新游戏吧!


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For more information, please visit:
Steam Next Fest Official Site.