Steam’s Largest Fake Games Distributor Decided To Call It Quits

Silicon Echo Studios, notorious for creating games using pre-made Unity assets, so that the studio could release games fast and on the cheap through the Steam Direct program, claims Valve has tarnished its reputation and they’re forced to leave the game development industry.

Valve removed the whole catalogue of nearly 200 of the studio’s titles off Steam last week.

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Steam users reported that Silicon Echo Studios was illegally monetizing Steam trading card marketplace. The company created games on the cheap, using pre-made resources and releasing it through Steam Direct.

Games that were developed by Silicon Echo Studios, which Steam users have complained for promoting low end shovelware designed to peddle trading cards, have now been taken out. Valve is cracking down hard on asset flippers and others who misuse the Steam Direct platform in order to cut a profit on cheaply produced titles.