Stick Around With the New Tank Gloo In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


A new tank hero has been released in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and he’s sure to stick around. Check out the introduction video for Gloo below:



Gloo is a tank hero that specializes in regeneration and crowd control. His skills are as follows:

Skill 1: Slam, Slam

Slams the ground to damage enemies and leave a puddle of goo around enemies hit. The goo explodes for a brief period but Gloo can immediately detonate it by stepping on the pool of goo himself.

Skill 2: Pass, Pass

Hits enemies with a massive pile of goo to damage and immobilize enemies. If the skill hits a goo, Gloo will dash onto the pool of goo and drag enemies within his path.

Ultimate: Split, Split/Grab, Grab

Splits apart gaining increased movement speed and slowly regenerating HP. Enemies hit will gain a stack of goo and at the max stack, Gloo can attach himself to that enemy and regenerate more HP. If Gloo takes damage from an enemy attack, the damage will be distributed a part of it to the enemy he has attached to. This does not work on turrets.

Passive: Stick, Stick

Enemies hit by Gloo’s skills gain a stack of “Sticky” which reduces their movement speed. This can stack up to five times. Each stack will also reduce the damage they deal with Gloo by a small percentage.

Along with the new ML hero Gloo, new skin will also be released called “Gloo – Verdant Enchanter” and will be available in the shop with a limited-time discounted price. Normally costing 269 Diamonds, a 30% discount will be applied for the skin during launch week and will cost only 188 Diamonds. Check it out below:



Gloo is out now on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Get him and his new skin today with our Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Diamonds below:




For more Information:
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official Homepage

Additional Websites:


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