Street Fighter is Back In 2023!


The trailer shows off classic characters like Chun-Li, and Ryu taking on Luke and many others. There was also a glimpse of a free roaming mode, showing Luke roaming the city streets and brawling several enemies at once. Street Fighter 6 is expected to release for the PS4 and PS5 in 2023.


Sony hosted a live-streamed State of Play presentation to give PlayStation fans a look at some upcoming PS4/PS5 games and titles for the upcoming successor to PS VR, PS VR2. The 30-minute presentation started with the reveal trailer for Capcom’s Resident 4 Remake, which is launching in 2023, but that’s not the only game the Japanese publisher/developer had to show.

The Street Fighter franchise has been Capcom’s leading fighting game series for decades now, and although there was a brief teaser trailer earlier this year for Street Fighter 6, the trailer shown during today’s State of Play had a lot more details for fans to sink their teeth into, such as a release window and two new modes.

The trailer for Street Fighter 6 shows off one of the first known newcomers, Jamie, donning a blue sleeveless hoodie and beating on a punching bag at a gym. Then, fans got to see different areas of Metro City, the fictional metropolis where Street Fighter 6 takes place. It turns out that players will be able to actually run around and take on battles in what appears to be an open-world mode called World Tour, a first for the series. It’ll be an “immersive single-player story experience.”



Battle Hub is another new mode that Capcom didn’t show much of. Essentially, it will allow players to connect online with others in new ways, “further expanding the scope of player communication and engagement.”

The rest of the trailer pretty much just shows Chun-Li, Ryu, and some other fighters taking part in some high-octane matches. Also, it appears that Capcom has listened to the feedback from the community regarding Street Fighter 6’s controversial logo and has redesigned it.




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