Subnautica: Below Zero’s New Arctic Living Update Is Now Live

Developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment has released the latest Subnautica: Below Zero Arctic Living update which gives Subnautica players more ways to customize their home on Planet 4546B.

The Arctic Living update for Below Zero features a Control Room, spacious Large Room, and the all-new Jukebox that allow players to load their own tunes, play some familiar songs, or listen to five new tracks, four of which come from the Subnautica community.

subnautica large space

Here’s a list of items that has been added to the Arctic Living update:

– Base Control Room
– Large Room and impressive Glass Dome
– Jukebox and Music Disks
– Mineral Detector
– Booster Tank
– PRAWN Suit
– Alterra Mining Site
– Encounter with a familiar voice

subnautica fish

The game is still in Early Access stage and the developers are working towards an early 2020 release date for Subnautica: Below Zero.