Summer camp in Camp Canyonwood!

Source: Graffiti Games on YouTube

Remember those sweet memory during summer camp? Setting up a camp, collecting firewood, cooking dinner, setting up fire to the surroundings… ok, maybe not the last part. But hey, whether or not you had a fun time, you’ve grown up and now it’s your time to build and manage a summer camp yourself! Teach new campers on how to chop some woods, catch some unknown bugs and more importantly, fishing! Always the best. Did I mention about the part where dangers from nature might occur and there might be funding problems too? Well now you do.

Alright, back to the main point. Camp Canyonwood is a singleplayer game where you will manage your resources to plan the best summer camp ever. It’s a relaxing game with some excitement within it. Developed by Deli Interactive LLC and published by Graffiti Games. The game is still in early access and planned to release in approximately 10 days, which is August 5. Wishlist it on Steam now and play it as soon as it release!

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