Super Mario Bros. Speedrunner Achieve the Impossible In 4.55 World Record

A streamer that goes by the handle Kosmicd12, is a gamer who does a lot of speedrunning on Mario games. He managed to finish the game under the 4:56 mark, completing the entire run at 4:55.96 and setting a new world record for Super Mario Bros.

In earlier attempts, Kosmic was able to finish the run at 4:56.245, which was identical to the prior world record. The last run was ridiculously well-executed to a point where the feat is only achievable using a 1-2 glitch, while tool-assisted runs might be capable of accomplishing it, however, it is near impossible for humans to actually emulate the same result.

This speedrun was also significant in a way that Kosmic just practiced his new 1-2 glitch for over half an hour, and then went on to set a new world record in just a single try.