Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Online Challenge Is Back With Everyone!

Over 100,000 Gold Points up for grabs in our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Online Challenge

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Online Challenge is back on December 11, Saturday, 1300-1600 (UK time). The tournament just got bigger this time because every fighter in the roster can participate in it. To celebrate it, the online challenge even prepared over 100,000 Gold Points as rewards.

Players will first take part in a 1vs 1 bouts to secure their place at the top of the leaderboards. Battles will consist of two-stock bouts lasting five minutes, with items and Final Smash meters turned off. Stages will be limited to Omega and Battlefield versions only, with stage hazards also turned off.

The prizes are rewarded with 2,500 Gold Points to the top ten players, and 1,000 Gold Points to the remaining top 100 platers.

To enter, head to the Online Tourney menu on December 11 at 1pm-4pm (UK time), and you are ready to fight. The winners will be announced HERE by December 20.

The results will be tallied after the close of the competition and winners will be announced here by December 20th. —— Nintendo UK

To join the online challenger, you need to have access to Nintendo Switch Online, but worry not if you don’t have as there will is a 7-day trial membership for you in My Nintendo reward. By joining their membership, you will get access to lots of benefits such as exclusive games, rewards.

The TETRIS® 99 Grand Prix event is also accessible on December 10-14 at 8am-7.59am (UK time).




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