Survival Game Help Will Come Tomorrow Launches on April 21

Klabater’s Help Will Come Tomorrow just released a new gameplay trailer for its true-born survival game set in Russia on the verge of October Revolution.

In an uninhabitable Siberian wilderness, in the wake of the October Revolution, a group of passengers survives a mysterious catastrophe of a Trans-Siberian railway train. They must endure in a harsh ice-clad climate until rescue arrives. Facing many dangers, their own weaknesses and, above all, their own prejudice, passengers from different social classes will have to unite and make decisions that often go against their beliefs. How and if they survive and at what cost is up to the player.

The game’s mechanics focuses on the survival of the characters by fulfilling their needs, gathering resources, expanding the camp, taking care of security, and exploring the surroundings, However, in order to win, they’ll need to learn the personalities of the characters and figure out relations between them, mitigating conflicts and taking care of morale. Players may choose to act selfish but cooperation is key to both survival and keeping a clear conscience.

Help Will Come Tomorrow is scheduled for release on April 21st, 2020.