SWAG: Events and Sales February 7 – 13!

In-Game Events and Sales:

  • The 9.2 Update Show is happened last Wednesday! If you missed it, you can check out the VOD HERE, and the 9.2 Update Notes HERE!
  • Today, February 7 you can earn the Lunar New Year! Avatar for completing a FWOTD! Make sure to log-on and get your Avatar before the day ends.
  • Earn any FWOTD during the month of February, starting Tuesday February 8 to earn the Equality Avatar!
  • Get 2 FWOTD on Friday, February 11 to earn the Valentines Avatar!
  • Get 2 FWOTD on Saturday, February 12 to earn the Love is Love Global Emote!
  • Get 2 FWOTD February 13-14 to earn the Happy Valentines Day Loading Screen!
  • The Hindu Chest is still 25% off!
  • The Valentines Chest is 25% off from February 8 – 21


  • The Season 9 has begun!!! There are a ton of new things happening on the Battleground, learn about them all with the Season 9 Patch Notes!
  • Update 9.2 is on the way, and you can check the notes HERE – Before that, the 9.1 Bonus Update is coming on February 8 – Check the notes HERE!
  • You can keep an eye on any known bugs present in SMITE, and our progress in resolving them with the SMITE Community Trello!
  • You can visit FFBF Merch Store to get your very own Danzaburou Plushie, available now!



SMITE 8,000
Gems [PC]
SMITE 3,500
Gems [PC]
SMITE 1,500
Gems [PC]
Gems [PC]
Gems [PC]



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