Tactical RPG Shores Unknown Available Now on Steam Early Access



Indie games developer Vallynne and video game publisher Hitcents recently announced that their tactical RPG Shores Unknown is now available on Steam Early Access! Check out the game’s early access trailer below:



Batten down the hatches for an adventure through a vibrant, medieval land as you explore beyond the Murk – an all-consuming wall of fog that slows closes in on all who take to sea. In Shores Unknown, you’ll take the role of a freshly promoted mercenary captain in the midst of a land dominated by the tight-fisted Crown and their stalwart Inquisition.

When swords are drawn, it’s up to you to co-ordinate and customize your crew, and take charge in Shores Unknown’s fluid, gridless tactical combat.

Shores Unknown is out now on Steam Early Access, get the game today with our Steam wallet codes below:

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Steam Wallet Codes




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