TERA Shop Update: Exodor Underwear

Action-packed adventures on the floating island await you, but make sure you prepare yourself ‘underneath’ as well. In the Large Exodor Basket you’ll find brand-new Exodor Underwear and Riveran Underwear!

The new sets will not only flatter you, they’ll also boost your stats! From magical and physical support or resistance to an increase in critical power, anything is possible. Pick up your pack today and wrap yourself in boosting underwear!

Join TERA now and get your Underwear!




OpenBucks Card
Razer Gold





Multi Game Card



You will get one of the following articles from the laundry basket:

· Exodor Underwear of Physical Support
· Exodor Underwear of Magical Support
· Exodor Underwear of Physical Resistance
· Exodor Underwear of Magical Resistance
· Exodor Underwear of the Physical Factor
· Exodor Underwear of the Magical Factor
· Riveran Underwear of Physical Support
· Riveran Underwear of Magical Support
· Riveran Underwear of Physical Resistance
· Riveran Underwear of Magical Resistance
· Riveran Underwear of the Physical Factor
· Riveran Underwear of the Magical Factor
… and more!


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