The 10 Greatest Decks for Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap’s new Season Pass card is here: Loki. If you’ve been playing and trying to choose the best deck for you, you’ll find a lot of powerful combinations to help you counter your opponents.

We’ll explain how you can:

  • Assemble your hero combo
  • Counter opponents

Of course, these Marvel Snap decks can be altered to fit your playstyle better and allow you to combat certain opposing cards.

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Right now, these are the best decks that you can roll with to counter opponents. However, the meta is continually changing, and the perfect deck today can be weak tomorrow. Adapt, change and be ready to try out new decks and card combos as new Season Passes are released.

Let’s begin with one of the fun, aggressive decks that new players love to try.

1. Patriot Surfer

patriot surfer marvel snap
Photo Credits: Nuverse

Patriot Surfer decks are a lot of fun to play because they’re all about tempo. You’ll have the option of being aggressive and taking control of the early- to mid-game. For beginners, the deck is also relatively safe and fun to play.

You’ll be putting cards down and buffing them to mix with your overall playstyle.

However, if you’re up against a high-roll deck, you’ll lack the ability to disrupt or counter attacks. You’ll struggle with these types of decks, but you’ll gain the strength of stacking power and mirror lockdown very well.


  • 0-cost: Wasp
  • 1-cost: Bast
  • 3-cost: Patriot, Mystique, Brood, Silver Surfer, Debrii, Wolfsbane
  • 4-cost: Absorbing Man
  • 5-cost: Sera, Iron Man
  • 6-cost: Chavez


2. Movement Good Stuff

Movement and the ability to counter your opponents is the key to this type of deck. Angela and Silk are very popular choices for this deck, but there are other options that you can swap in, such as Black Bolt or Stature.


  • 1-cost: Nightcrawler, Nebula
  • 2-cost: Jeff, Kraven, Silk, Angela
  • 3-cost: Spider-Man, Wave
  • 4-cost: Miles Morales
  • 5-cost: Legion
  • 6-cost:  America Chavez, Doctor Doom

3. Sera Control

sera control marvel snap
Photo Credits: Nuverse

Sera Control decks are classics at this point and revolve around being patient. You’ll need to wait until the later stages of the game when you can unleash your true power and finish off your foes.

Hit Monkey is a crucial asset in this deck and should have a power level of at least 8.

However, your true strength will come from your sixth turn when you use Sera. Afterward, you can focus on the Hit-Monkey/Mysterio combo to take control of one of your last turns. Players will also be able to power Ngela with the help of Kitty Pryde.


  • 1-cost: Kitty Pryde, Nova
  • 2-cost: Scarlet Witch, Sentinel, Adgela, Mysterio
  • 3-cost: Hit Monkey, Bishop, Killmonger
  • 4-cost: Shang-Chi, Enchantress
  • 5-cost: Sera

4. Aggro Toolbox Move

In the current meta, you’ll find that this deck works very well despite it being rather complex. Angela and Kraven are the two catalysts and allow you to:

  • Control the tempo
  • Stack power

If you learn how to master this deck, you’ll have the tools necessary to counter any deck you are up against.


  • 1-cost: Kitty Pryde,
  • 2-cost: Kraven, Jeff, Silk, Adgela
  • 3-cost: Spider-Man
  • 4-cost: Shang-Chi, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man
  • 5-cost: Legion, Vision
  • 6-cost: America Chavez

5. Shenaut

Shenaut marvel snap
Photo Credits: Nuverse

Shenaut is another great Marvel Snapdeck and a true classic. However, the deck is a bit different than most because it consists of an array of low-cost cards. In the current meta, you’ll find that skipping turn six will allow you to unleash the powerful combos of She-Hulk and Hulk/Infinaut.

Magik’s adjustment in a recent patch truly helps make this deck viable because you can extend her buff to the seventh turn.


  • 1-cost: Sunspot, Nebula, Misty Knight
  • 2-cost: Spider-Ham, Armor
  • 3-cost: Magik, Cosmo
  • 4-cost: High Evolutionary
  • 5-cost: Leech
  • 6-cost: Hulk, She-Hulk, The Infinaut

6. Lockjaw High Evolutionary

Lockjaw High Evolutionary is a late-game deck that turns the tides if you’re in a losing game. While you may need to do a few trial runs to get the hang of playing with this deck, it’s a lot of fun to use.

Lockjaw and Infinity Stones help this deck excel through high-rolling games.


  • 0-cost: Wasp
  • 2-cost: Spider-Ham
  • 3-cost: Killmonger, Lockjaw, Spider-Man, Wave
  • 4-cost: Shang-Chi
  • 5-cost: Vision, Devil Dinosaur
  • 6+ cost: Magneto, Thanos, Death

7. Shuri Zero

shuri zero marvel snap
Photo Credits: Nuverse

Shuri Zero is a powerful deck that can challenge the top decks (although not consistently), thanks to the armor mechanics. And what’s great about this deck is that it’s super beginner-friendly and really easy to play.

The combination of Shuri, Taskmaster and Red Skull will throw a curveball at your opponent. Shuri Zero can overpower a lot of decks, but it’s not always a guaranteed win. This deck is still vulnerable to a lot of things.

If you want to change up the deck a little, you could incorporate Kitty Pryde and Vision into the mix to reduce your vulnerability to tech cards.


  • 1-cost: Nebula, Sunspot, Ebony Maw, Zero
  • 2-cost: Lizard, Armor
  • 3-cost: Sauron
  • 4-cost: Typhoid Mary, Shuri
  • 5-cost: Red Skull, Taskmaster
  • 6-cost: She-Hulk

8. Discard Deck

This Discard deck is focused on cards like Dracula and Shang-Chi. Cards like Daken and Absorbing Man can be annoying to play against, so Discard is a bit cheesy.

Lady Deathstrike, which is a new card in the meta, can counter Dracula. But she’s not very common in the meta – yet.

In this deck, Storm is replaced with Daken just because Storm isn’t as valuable. Absorbing Man is a great addition to this deck because it can copy powerful effects like Lady Sif, Daken and Colleen Wing.


  • 1-cost: Nebula
  • 2-cost: Wolverine, Morbius, Colleen Wing, Swam
  • 3-cost: Lady Sif, Daken
  • 4-cost: Absorbing Man, Dracula
  • 5-cost: M.O.D.O.K.
  • 6-cost: America Chavez, Apocalypse

9. Thanos Ongoing

thanos ongoing marvel snap
Photo Credits: Nuverse

Thanos Ongoing is more focused on control mechanics, which makes it a pain for opponents to play against. The deck isn’t as popular as it once was, but it’s a great option for countering and control.

Cards like Ghost and Valkyrie can counter Shuri decks.

But keep in mind that the deck will need some in-game tweaking, so it may not be the best option for beginners.


  • 1-cost: Ghost, Ant-Man
  • 2-cost: Armor, Luke Cage, Jeff
  • 3-cost: Jean Gray
  • 4-cost: Ka-Zar
  • 5-cost: Blue Marvel, Valkyrie, Professor X
  • 6-cost: Thanos, Spectrum

10. Electro Ramp

The Electro Ramp deck is A-Tier, but it’s a little cheesy because the core of this deck limits your opponents’ card choices. Still, it’s a good option to use against newer players who won’t know how to counteract it.

Just keep in mind that more experienced players will have workarounds.


  • 1-cost: Nebula
  • 2-cost: Spider-Ham
  • 3-cost: Wave, Electro
  • 5-cost: Sandman, Devil Dinosaur, Black Panther
  • 6-cost: Leader, Arnim Zola, Galactus, Doctor Doom, Odin

With Sandman, you can limit your opponent’s ability to use more than one card. Some of the other top decks can play around Sandman.

9 Strategies for Marvel Snap

marvel snap tips
Photo Credits: Nuverse

Now that you know the top decks on Marvel Snap, let’s look at some tips and tricks to help you boost your game.

1. Build Your Deck Around One or Two Cards

Some players don’t want to work off of pre-built decks. Sure, they’re not as satisfying to play with, but they can teach you some lessons about building your own decks.

One of the main things you’ll notice is that pre-made decks are built around just one or two main cards. It’s not just about grouping all of the highest-tier cards together.

It’s about choosing one or two strong cards and building up your entire deck around them.

2. Snap Early On

Don’t wait until victory is assured to Snap. Why? Because your opponent will likely surrender, leaving you with just one cube.

Know your deck, and Snap as soon you have a winning combo. If you Snap early on and your opponent surrenders, you’ll get two cubes.

If you’re an experienced player, you should know how to read the board well and when to Snap.

3. Build Your Strategy Around Locations and Not Cards

Location can have a huge impact on your strategy. Locations will favor certain decks, but keep in mind that you’ll be waiting for a few turns to finalize your strategy.

If you find yourself in problematic locations, you can use Scarlet Witch or Rhino cards to overcome the issue.

Depending on your deck, it’s typically best to play your first few turns across all three of your locations, and then use the last few turns to bolster areas where you’re ahead.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Like any other card game, it takes time and practice to improve. It’s not always easy to know where you went wrong in a game, but with lots of practice, you’ll start to recognize what went wrong and where you could have improved your strategy.

One great way to practice is with Battle Mode, which is Snap’s newest game mode that allows you to play against friends. You can play multiple rounds to start improving your game.

The rules under Battle Mode are a bit different from the standard Marvel Snap game, but it’s still a great way to get some practice in.

5. Study Your Opponent’s Strategy

This tip may seem like an obvious one, but its importance can’t be overlooked. Pay attention to the cards that your opponent is playing.

You can learn a lot from studying your opponent’s strategy. You may come across cards that you have never seen before. Or they may use cards that you already possess in ways you hadn’t considered before.

You may find new synergizing combos and location strategies that may really improve your gameplay.

6. Sometimes It’s Worth Risking Unrevealed Locations

Many players like to play it safe by only placing cards on revealed locations because they know the effects. But sometimes, it’s worth the risk to reveal a location early on.

If the unrevealed location happens to be The Danger Room (cards have a chance of being destroyed) or Sanctum Sanctorum (no cards can be played here), then you gain a huge advantage early in the game.

But use this tip sparingly because it can also backfire on you.

7. Save Small Cards for Later

Playing cards on curve is the standard approach for most players and helps you avoid falling too far behind in the race to control locations. But it’s worthwhile saving some small, low-cost cards for the final turn.

Taking this approach may give you the opportunity to disrupt your opponent’s plans.

For example, Elektra is a one-cost card that also destroys a one-cost card on your opponent’s board. If you wait until your opponent has fully locked up a location and then play Elektra alongside other cards in other locations, you may tip the odds in your favor.

This strategy is a great way to take an opponent by surprise.

8. Stop Being Predictable

Predictability is a bad thing in the world of Marvel Snap. Your opponents will expect you to follow similar patterns and even set up combos the same way every time. Don’t do this. You don’t want to sabotage your game, but if you play smart and are unpredictable, it will allow you to counter your opponent better in the late stages of the match.

9. Leverage Bad Cards for Progression

Are you ignoring the bad cards as part of your deck? If so, you may be holding your progress back. When you find that your Collection Level has hit a plateau, you’ll want to play the cards that you’ve been neglecting.

Which cards should you choose?

Any that are not leveled. You don’t need to create an entire deck out of bad cards, but you should swap them into otherwise strong decks when you can. The key to this strategy is to increase the rarity level of your cards.

These are 10 of the greatest decks for Marvel Snap. Be sure to check out streamers on Twitch and YouTube for more gameplays and insights. And if you want to expand your card playing, check out these 8 Beginner Card Games for Everyone.