The 1600 Piece-LEGO The Village Minecraft Set Is Impressive

A new LEGO Minecraft set piece is coming on June 1st and it’s quite an impressive set. The LEGO Minecraft Village set is a 1,600 piece set that will be priced at $199.

As with all LEGO sets, The Village set comes in parts that can be built and re-built to create unique and customized creations of areas from the game such as the rainforest, snow, and desert biomes. The Minecraft Village set will include a number of

The Minecraft Village set will include a number of mini figures such as Steve, Alex, zombie, and zombie villager along with staples Creeper, enderman, pig, baby pig, iron golem, and two villagers. Adding to that are the essentials that your Minecraft character will need, such as the iron sword, pickaxe, and even crafting tables.

LEGO Minecraft The Village Set

Given that Minecraft is one of LEGO’s high performing lines, expect more sets like The Village to come your way. The LEGO Minecraft Village set will hit shelves on June 1st this year and will cost $199.

Source: Kotaku

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