The 18 Minutes Video Of No Man’s Sky is Absolutely Stunning

IGN has secured No Man’s Sky as their game for the month as part of their IGN’s First campaign. And they started the month with a bang with a very extensive 18 minute gameplay video.

The game was played by Hello Games founder, Sean Murray whom began showing off the actual moment-to-moment gameplay of No Man’s Sky. It began with some light exploration, where you can scan and discover creatures, name new species found or even create some havoc by killing the local wildlife. Which, if you did, you’ll end up with a rising wanted level that’s very GTA-esque and will be chased by a “race of self-replicating robots” called Sentinels.

In the planets, there will be beacons where data that you’ve gathered can be uploaded for you to receive some money. The money can then be used to upgrade your ships or weapons, which are all procedurally generated and upgradeable. After exploring the planet, Murray took to the sky by jumping into his ship and flying off into space seamlessly.

In space, you can head to a nearby space station that let’s you trade with AI or human players. During the gameplay, Murray watched a pirate coordinating an attack on the space station, fail miserably, and went on to scavenge their remains. A key point that Murray wants to highlight is the mining expect of the game that comes with it’s own “sci-fi version of the real-world periodic table.”

Mining them and combining them can net you new alloys that can be sold at trading posts. “There’s an overall galactic economy,” Murray states. Speaking of the galactic map, when Murray zoomed out and revealed the expansive universe, all of which can be explored, it really gives off a huge sense of scale.

No Man's Sky IGN First Extended Gameplay

Despite the large open-ending gameplay, there is an end-game for No Man’s Sky, which is to reach the center of the universe. Of course, just like everything that has to do with No Man’s Sky, you have the freedom to pursue it, or just completely live your life as a space pirate that roams the galaxy or just play like an explorer, seeking for every species available in the universe.

No Man’s Sky is coming to Playstation 4. While no release date has been confirmed, we’re sure that when it comes, players will definitely be sucked into the world of No Man’s Sky.

Source: No Man’s Sky: 18 Minutes of Uninterrupted Gameplay – IGN First

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