The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation – Steam Scream Fest Limited-Time Sale

Developed by Softstar, [The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation]’s sales surged since its launch in August and ranked 2nd in the Top Sellers list. Since the last week of October is Halloween in the western world and to be in concert with STEAM [Scream Fest], [The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation] will be 10% off from 10/25 10:00 AM to 11/1 10:00 AM (PDT). Please seize this opportunity to purchase the game if you haven’t already.

Adapted From a Real Horror Movie / Great Reviews From Domestic and International Streamers

Adapted from the best-selling movie [The Bridge Curse], [The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation] is a first-person horror game with stealth-based gameplay which offers players an immersive horror experience. The game raises its curtain by having six university students hosting a Kimodameshi camp for the new student orientation as they challenge the legend of a female ghost claiming lives in the middle of the night on campus. It’s been two months since its launch and it has already earned the “Overwhelmingly Positive” review rating on STEAM as more positive reviews come. Famous YouTubers and streamers in the U.S., Thailand, Japan, China, and such have also live-streamed their [The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation] gameplay, created hilarious content of fan remakes, and received great feedback online.

Vivid Characters With Hints Hidden in Details Took the Players by Storm

The characters in [The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation] are very well-made in terms of character roles and images, for instance, LinEn Cheng the tough girl who is brave enough to talk smack to the female ghost has everyone cheering for her when she heavy-kicks the ghost or WenYao Li who usually rattles on and on still showcases his masculine side in critical situations. Furthermore, blending real-life occurrences into the game script was also one of the things the producer really worked hard on. The scene where the well-built TianMing Li has to dig into the toilet by hand to retrieve the talisman that he accidentally dropped is impressive and hard to forget. There are tons of hints hidden in the details and story for players to discover themselves.

Cosplay as a Ghost to Celebrate Halloween for Free Game Code

In celebration of Halloween, besides the STEAM [Scream Fest] 10% off sales event, the official fan page of [The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation] will simultaneously host the [Ghost Front Halloween Celebration] event, inviting all fans to upload their Halloween cosplay photos, female-ghost makeup photos, and even selfies with funny faces to the specified posting section. The player who gets the most Likes with his/her post will have a chance to get [The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation] Digital Deluxe Edition!



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