The Elven Age has ended and Southland became Mordor

The Elven Age has ended and Southland became Mordor

It has been a long journey for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, premiered on September 1, it has now reached the pre-final episode and the final episode coming out this Friday.

Today we will be doing a season recap of The Rings of Power and what happened on episode 7. There will be lots of spoilers here so make sure to turn back now if you don’t wanna know about it.

The Rings of Power is a story set thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. In the history of Middle-earth, it was a relative peaceful time but linked to the events of Middle-earth’s Second Age: the forging of the Rings of Power, the rise of the Dark Lord Sauron, the fall of the island kingdom of Númenor, and the last alliance between Elves and Men.


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The Start of Galadriel’s Journey

The story starts with Galadriel searching for Sauron, an ancient evil who killed Finrod (Galadriel’s brother) in a fight. Her journey starts with the discovery of a broken sword bearing Sauron’s mark, found by Bronwyn’s son Theo, in the neighboring village of Hordern that has been destroyed.

Galadriel then came across a raft with Halbrand, a human survivor of a shipwreck that was attacked by a sea monster. They were picked up by a ship captained by Elendil, who took them to Númenor. But during their stay, Relations between the island and the Elves have grown strained, and Queen Regent Míriel denied Galadriel’s request for a ship back to Middle-earth.

Without other choices, Galadriel visited Númenor’s Hall of Lore with Elendil and discovered that the mark of Sauron is actually a map of the Southlands where a new realm for evil forces is planned. She also learned that Halbrand is the king of the Southlands.

Galadriel saw the vision of Númenor’s destruction in a palantír from Míriel and was persuaded to wage war against the Orcs. Isildur and his friends are kicked out of the Sea Guard but then also joined the war preparation. With Mírie’s support, Galadriel convinced Halbrand to join her too.

Before they can leave, Kemen attempted to destroy the expedition ships to help his father Pharazôn rise to power. Isildur arrived and have prevented him to do so and joined the expedition crew


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Nori, Poppy and The Stranger

At the same time, Nori and Poppy discovered a strange man inside a meteor crater. They keep the stranger secret from the other Harfoots and give him food and shelter. As the Harfoots prepare for their seasonal migration, the stranger is following them while helping Nori to push her wagon since her injured father is unable to.

On their path lies a pack of wolves who attacked them. The stranger helped to fight the wolf pack off but was injured and while healing, Nori accidentally connects to his mind but is frightened away.


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Story of the Elves

The Elf Arondir who has developed a close relationship with the human healer Bronwyn, has also been captured while investigating the tunnels beneath Hordern. He has been captured by Orcs and taken to a construction camp digging underground passages for Orcs. Arondir found out that other Elven are also captured and killed during an attempted escape. With force he slayed Warg and was taken to the leader of the Orcs named Adar, which the Elves speculate to be one of the names of Sauron.

Adar was then realized to be a scarred elf from the Elder Days. He released Arondir in order to have him give a surrender offer to the human villagers of Tirharad taking refuge in the Elven watchtower of Ostirith.


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Servant of Sauron, Waldreg

On the other hand, Bronwyn returns to her own village, Tirharad. In the village, she was attacked by Orc alongside Theo. Luckily they killed it and used it to convince everyone that danger is near, including Waldreg the tavern owner, to leave. Waldreg then introduced himself to Theo as a servant of Sauron. He gave out the information of Orcs are after the ancient artifact of the broken sword that is found in the watchtower of Ostirith.

Waldreg led half of the villagers in Southlands to leave Ostirith in order to accept Adar’s surrender offer as he believes Adar is Sauron. In Ostirith, Theo showed the broken sword to Arondir, who realizes it is a key for turning the Southlands into Sauron’s realm of evil. The remaining villagers in the watchtower of Ostirith prepare for battle against the approaching Orc army.


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The Dangerous Mineral, Mithril

The Dwarves kept their founding of mithril a secret but it was soon discovered by Elrond. Several dwarves were killed during the mining process as the ore is very dangerous to mine. As King Durin III sent Prince Durin to Lindon to discover what the Elves are up to, Gil-galad reveals to Elrond his knowledge of mithril and his intention to use it to extend the existence of the Elves.


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War with The Orcs

Adar’s army arrived at Ostirith and found the watchtower abandoned. Having to delay the Orcs, Arondir destroys the tower, collapsing it onto the Orc army. Back to Tirharad, Arondir hid the broken sword and confessed his love to Bronwyn. The battle started well until the villagers discovered that many of the enemies were traitorous villagers disguised as Orcs. Another round of war broke out and Bronwyn was severely wounded. Saving her requires the broken sword, thus Theo revealed the location of it to Adar.

After journeying across the sea, the Númenórean army finally arrived and routed Adar’s army. On Adar’s escape attempt, he was also captured by Galadriel and Halbrand. Adar revealed his origins as one of the Moriondor or Uruks, Elves corrupted by Morgoth, and claimed to have killed Sauron.

Halbrand is then hailed to be the King of Southlands but it was also at this moment that Theo realized the broken sword they recovered from Adar is a decoy. Before Adar was captured, he tasked Waldreg to take the real broken sword and planted it into a mechanism that opens a nearby dam. The water then flushes through the Orc tunnels towards Orodruin and clashes with magma.


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After War

After the incident, surviving villagers flee the burning Tirharad. During the war, Miriel lost her eyesight and Isildur went missing. Halbrand was wounded and Galadriel escorted him to Lindon for Elvish medicine.

Elsewhere, Nori’s caravan finds their destination grove destroyed by the eruption of Orodruin. The stranger attempted to mend a tree but it failed and he left. The day after that, the entire grove grew and Harfoots were celebrating but then interrupted by a mysterious trio who were in search of the stranger. Nori tried to protect the stranger and mislead them but failed. Being in rage, they tried to burn the Harfoots’ caravans. The danger is unavoidable and they set off to warn the stranger.

Meanwhile in Khazad-dûm, Elrond offered King Durin III a deal for the Dwarvish mithril but rejected as he indicated that the Elven Age had ended. As Elrond departs, Prince Durin witnesses the power of mithril as it is able to cure the Elven blight in a leaf.

He was attracted by its power and decided to bring Elrond back to mine for the ore himself. Just as he strikes a large mithril vein, King Durin arrives. Knowing what the two have done, he banished Elrond and took Prince Durin’s royalty away. The mithril mine was then sealed away for good, but none realized that a Balrog had been awakened.

The war has caused lots of casualties, the stranger remains mysterious and the destroyed Southland has been renamed as “Mordor”.


Source: The Rings of Power on Prime Video

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Finale

What most  are expecting in the finale is the identity of the stranger. Most theories say that he could be Sauron or Gandalf or another wizard yet none has been revealed yet. The only clue we have now is the small yellow flower healed by him, which looks a lot like Elanor. With many mysteries unresolved, his identity is one of the most anticipated. The finale will be aired this Friday and we hope that it will be revealed.

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